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Practice Manager, Certified Veterinary Technician

For as long as she can remember, Sarah has had a passion for both animals and puzzles. Working as a Certified Veterinary Technician allows her to use her problem-solving skills to better the lives of the area’s pets!

Sarah grew up in Oconomowoc with her parents and older brother. After attending college for music, she started as a receptionist at a Pewaukee, Wisconsin veterinary clinic in 2000. Shortly afterward, Sarah signed up for a local veterinary technician program, graduated in 2003, and has worked here at the Animal Health Center as a Certified Veterinary Technician ever since. In 2017, she was promoted to Practice Manager!

Sarah’s professional interests include surgery, diagnostic work, dentistry, geriatric care, and alternative medicine. Seeing patients heal through modalities like acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment is very satisfying for her!

At home, Sarah has two kitties of her own. Tikka is a senior cat who wants nothing more than a loving lap, and Leela is a one-eyed cat who can catch a fly out of mid-air.

When she isn’t caring for pets around the clinic, Sarah enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband. They like to ski, skate, and ice fish in the winter and enjoy swimming and hiking in the warmer months.

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Lead Certified Veterinary Technician

As a kid, Jenny was the only one in her family who could manage to give pills to pets. It was at this point that she began seriously considering veterinary medicine as a career. As her interests in science and medicine blossomed, Jenny quickly realized that becoming a Veterinary Technician was her ideal job choice!

Jenny grew up on a small dairy farm near Richfield, Wisconsin. She was only 15 years old when she began working at a boarding kennel, where her employer encouraged her to continue exploring the world of animal care. In early 2001, Jenny began here at the Animal Health Center as a kennel worker, enrolling in a veterinary technician program that same year.

After graduating in the spring of 2003, she started full-time here at the clinic and passed her Veterinary Technician National Examination to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Cleaning and preparing injuries for surgical repair, applying bandages, and taking blood samples are some of Jenny’s favorite parts of her job. She also enjoys traveling to attend veterinary conferences, and has expanded her education in Florida, Kansas City, and Las Vegas!

Jenny’s family has an elderly Australian cattle dog, Sam, as well as three cats named Louie, Shylo, and Hansen. When she isn’t caring for pets around the clinic or spending time with animals outside of work, Jenny enjoys reading, scrap-booking, trying new recipes, and traveling.

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Veterinary Assistant

Deanna is an Oconomowoc native and grew up practically inseparable from her family dogs. She’s wanted to work with animals ever since grade school! For her, nothing beats the knowledge that she’s able to use her skillset to benefit the greater good—Deanna is proud to serve the area’s pets and animal parents as a member of the Animal Health Center team.

Deanna was only 16 years old when she secured her first job in the animal-care world; she started working at a local boarding and daycare facility and remained there for a number of years. She then moved on to another boarding facility, eventually working her way up to a management position, before signing up for courses in veterinary technology. After becoming a Certified Veterinary Assistant, Deanna began the search for the perfect clinic atmosphere that would help her to reach her ultimate goal: becoming a Certified Veterinarian Technician. That’s when she became a member of the Animal Health Center family!

Around the clinic, Deanna enjoys preparing patients for surgery and learning new tips and tricks on a daily basis. Her favorite part of the job, though, is getting to know her clients and patients on a personal level. For her, forming lasting bonds is what it’s all about!

In her time away from work, Deanna enjoys being outdoors and especially likes to hike, kayak, snowmobile, and go ice fishing. She has one pet of her own at home: Noodle, a high-energy Australian Shepherd who never ceases to put a smile on Deanna’s face.

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Susie wasn’t allowed pets while growing up here in Watertown—she suspects that it made her want to care for animals all the more. Her longstanding love for the earth’s creatures just didn’t quit, and she couldn’t be happier to serve both pets and their owners as a veterinary professional!

Before she was an employee here at Animal Health Center, Susie was a client. One day in 1997 when she was visiting the clinic with one of her pets, the office manager asked if she was interested in a job. Susie gladly accepted, and she’s been here ever since!

Susie lives in Watertown with her husband; three dogs named Daisy, Holly, and Jenny; a pair of cats who go by Woody and Baxter; and a few hermit crabs. When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital or spending time with her own companions at home, Susie can be found shopping for great bargains. She also likes to travel, and would love to visit a tropical destination for her next adventure.

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Lead Kennel Technician

Nicole was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, but moved to a country home in Reeseville with her family at the age of nine. It was there that her deep love of animals was first sparked—her childhood cat, Tom, was especially influential. Nicole always knew that she wanted to help all of the pets that she possibly could! She’s able to do just that here at Animal Health Center.

Nicole’s veterinary career began when she became a Kennel Technician at a clinic in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. She then moved closer to Watertown and secured a job at the Watertown Humane Society. After the birth of her son, Nicole became a stay-at-home mom for the next seven years before the itch to return to the world of animal care took over. In the summer of 2013, she joined the team here at Animal Health Center. Now, she’s the hospital’s Lead Kennel Technician and couldn’t be happier!

Around the clinic, Nicole likes to play fetch with the boarding dogs and help groom the visiting cats. She makes it her mission on a daily basis to keep all of the clinic’s four-legged visitors calm and happy, whether it involves playing calming music for the dogs or offering the hospital’s feline boarders freshly grown, all-natural catnip!

Nicole’s interests outside of veterinary medicine include kayaking and spending time with her family and pets. She and her husband own a three-acre property in the country, where they and their young son can enjoy the company of their many pets. The family has an English mastiff puppy; an aging black Labrador; four rescued cats; a pair of goldfish; a pet steer; a goose; and nine free-range chickens.

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