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Your Dog’s Dental Health Begins With a Good Cleaning

February 15, 2015

Your retriever mix Lance has a compulsion to be the best. This competitive four-year-old dog wants to be first in his hard-fought dog park races. He also has to catch the most consecutive flying discs in a row. Of course, your image-conscious pooch wants the best-looking teeth in the neighborhood. To help him realize that goal, you schedule regular dental cleanings with your Watertown veterinarian. In fact, Lance and his choppers have an appointment tomorrow.

Schedule-Friendly Appointment

Scheduling your dog’s dental cleaning is easy and convenient. You’ll ferry him to the hospital shortly after opening time, and he’ll receive a dental exam and cleaning during the day. Later that afternoon, you’ll retrieve your satisfied pooch and his gleaming choppers.

Pre-Cleaning Dental Exam

The vet wants to build a comprehensive snapshot of your dog’s dental health. He’ll carefully examine Lance’s gums and teeth, and will also review his past dental history. If you have treatment records from other facilities, the vet will appreciate those additional puzzle pieces.

Hopefully, your canine companion’s teeth will only display plaque and tartar buildup. The vet might notice bone loss or gingivitis around one or more teeth. If that’s the case, Lance will receive a standard dental cleaning. If the vet observes other issues, he’ll contact you before resolving them. Since your dog will receive anesthesia, the vet wants a pre-procedure picture of his overall health. He’ll request comprehensive blood work to obtain the necessary information.

Cleaning and Polishing Process

After your dog is snoozing comfortably, the vet can safely begin his tasks. A veterinary technician will monitor your pooch’s vital signs during the dental cleaning.

The vet will examine your dog’s gums, ordering x-rays for potential trouble spots. Next, he’ll thoroughly scrub Lance’s teeth, removing nasty plaque and tartar with dental scalers. Your canine companion will receive a polishing treatment that smooths out his tooth surfaces, making it more difficult for debris to get a foothold. Afterward, your relaxed pooch will recline in his kennel until you arrive.

Regular Home Dental Care

Your Watertown veterinarian will provide instructions on safely brushing Lance’s teeth. Stick to dog-friendly toothpaste, as human paste won’t agree with him.

Through consistent dental exams and cleanings, plus regular home dental care, your companion’s teeth can continue to gleam. To provide your dog with professional dental care, contact us for an appointment.