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Caring for a Kitten

July 1, 2015

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! Little Fluffy has a lot of growing and a lot of learning to do in her first year, so to start out your journey as a pet parent, you may want to read up on some kitten care basics. In this article, a local Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian discusses kitten care.

Veterinary Care

Little Fluffy will need a few vet visits her first year. She’ll an examination and spay or neuter surgery, as well as vaccinations to protect her from harmful diseases, such as feline leukemia and rabies.


Proper nutrition is critical to growing kitties. Give your tiny furball the best food you can afford. Choose kitten formula cat food for now, and ask your vet for advice on switching to an adult formula.


Generally, cats don’t need much training to learn to use a litter box. Get a little one for baby Fluffy to start with: you can get a bigger one later. Avoid clumping litters, as these can be very dangerous if swallowed.


Fluffy will slow down as she grows up, but while she’s little, you’re going to have one frisky little ball of fur on your hands! Playing is great for your kitten’s physical and mental health, and will help her build confidence and burn off excess energy. Just be sure to put safety first. Don’t give little Fluffy small items that could choke her, and keep string toys secured when you aren’t watching. You’ll also need to kittenproof your home to keep your furbaby safe. Toxic plants, appliances, medicines, household chemicals, and electrical cords are a few things that should be secured.


Make sure to discourage bad habits, like jumping on the dinner table and play fighting, so little Fluffy will grow into a polite adult. Kittenhood is also the time to teach your furball good scratching habits. Get little Fluffy a scratching post and encourage her to use it.


This is the fun part! Cuddle and pet your kitten, and talk to her, so she feels safe and loved. Don’t force attention on her, though: let her decide when it’s time to snuggle. If you have young children, be sure they understand that little Fluffy is fragile, and must be handled very gently.

Please contact us, your Oconomowoc, WI vet, for all your kitten’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!