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Preparing Your Home for a New Puppy

August 15, 2015

Are you about to introduce a new puppy to your household? It’s important to make some critical preparations before your pup’s arrival. Here, your Oconomowoc, WI vet gives you a few tips.

Home Hazard Check

Carefully go through every room in the home that your puppy will have access to. Be on the lookout for physical hazards, like tight spaces, sharp edges, loose wires or electrical cords, and small objects that a puppy might be able to choke on. Take steps to minimize these dangers. Also check to make sure that no harmful substances, like human foods, medications, cleaning products, or pest control methods are within a pup’s reach.

Block Off Rooms

Many puppy owners benefit from blocking off certain rooms or entire floors of their home. This way, your puppy’s movements are restricted to a few rooms or just one floor of the house, making it easier to keep your puppy safe. It’s also helpful for cleaning, and it will benefit your pup by keeping him from becoming overwhelmed with too much space. Try using dog gates or even baby gates to block off entrances and exits to and from other rooms or the staircase.

Remove Valuables and Breakable Items

If your new puppy is like most, he’ll be very high-energy. Many are so excitable that they can accidentally knock things over! It will save you a lot of trouble if you go through the rooms your puppy will spend time in and remove any valuable or breakable items. Store these in a closet or the attic until your dog is a little older. Also be sure to pick up your family’s shoes, purses, or other everyday items from the floor; you don’t want these items chewed beyond recognition.

Keep Stress to a Minimum

Both your pup and your family will benefit from keeping your new addition’s stress level to a minimum. Puppies will respond to a high level of activity and stress in the household by becoming agitated themselves. While your puppy is getting acclimated to your house and family, try to keep things low-key and calm. It will be helpful for your puppy’s socialization, behavior, and training.

If you’re new to puppy ownership, you’re not alone—the professionals at your Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian’s office are here to help. Call the clinic today to find out more about the best ways to keep your puppy healthy and happy!