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Tips for Training Your Puppy

June 1, 2016

Has a new puppy recently joined your household? Congratulations! We love seeing puppies go to good homes! We also look forward to watching your new pet grow from a bouncing ball of fur to a happy, healthy adult dog. Owning a puppy is definitely lots of fun, but it’s also a big responsibility. It’s up to you to get little Fido started out on the right paw in life by teaching him good doggy manners now, while he’s still young. An Oconomowoc, WI vet offers tips on training puppies below.

Starting Out

First things first: start working on housetraining and crate training immediately. These things actually work very well together, because dogs don’t like to soil the spot they sleep in. Just keep in mind that little Fido can’t hold his bladder very long. As a general rule of thumb, puppies can usually only hold it about an hour for each month of age.

Basic Obedience

All of our canine friends should know basic doggy obedience commands, such as Sit , Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down . You can start teaching your furry pupil these important commands in conjunction with housetraining and crate training. Focus on one command at a time, and make sure the little guy has each one down pat before moving on to the next.

Keeping Fido Interested

Puppies have rather short attention spans, and are easily distracted. Choose a quiet spot to work with your canine buddy. You’ll also want to avoid boring your pooch with long classes. Aim for about 20 minutes or so per session.

Make School Fun

Make learning fun for your puppy. Instead of reprimanding your four-legged pal for doing something wrong, focus on rewarding him when he gets something right. Snacks are a great motivator. Just use small treats, like cut-up hot dogs or pieces of doggy biscuits. You don’t want to overfeed your adorable student! It’s also important to only work with your pet when you’re in a good mood. Dogs are extremely perceptive. If you’re in a bad mood, little Fido will quickly pick up on this, and may decide he doesn’t like school.

Be Consistent

When teaching vocal commands, use the same phrasing each time. Otherwise, you could end up confusing your four-legged buddy!

Does your puppy need veterinary care? We are here to help! Contact us, your local Oconomowoc, WI animal hospital, anytime!