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5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

October 15, 2016

Did you know that October 28th is National Cat Day? Our feline friends are definitely worth celebrating: their adorable antics, charming vocalizations, and hilarious quirks make them wonderful pets. Fluffy also has a reputation for being quite independent. Cats are very easy to care for, but, just like any other animal, though, they need proper care to truly thrive. Read on as an Oconomowoc, WI vet discusses keeping Fluffy happy, healthy, and purring.


First things first: give your furry friend high-quality, nourishing food, and make sure that she always has plenty of fresh water. It’s also important to keep Fluffy’s litterbox clean. Scoop your pet’s powder room daily, and change the litter regularly. Some basic kittyproofing will also help keep your furball safe. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care is very important! Most cats should see the vet at least once a year, though some furballs will need more frequent visits. Fluffy should be microchipped and spayed or neutered, and current on her vaccines and parasite control products. In between appointments, watch for any changes in your kitty’s appearance, behavior, appetite, or vocalizations: these could be warning signs of illness. Ask your vet for more information.

Keep Kitty In

One of the best things you can do for Fluffy is to keep her indoors. We know, cats often really love outdoor sports, like chasing mice and rolling around in the dirt. However, your feline friend will be safer and healthier inside, where she isn’t exposed to the dangers posed by cars, wild animals, other kitties, weather, chemicals, and parasites.


Turning your home into a luxury home for your cat may be easier than you think. Make sure your kitty has lots of beds and cozy napping spots. Stimulation is also important: give Fluffy lots of toys, and offer her a comfy window seat with a great view.

Purr Activation

Kitties need to feel loved to be really happy. Play with Fluffy, pet her, and let her snuggle up with you when she wants to cuddle. Talking to your cat is also a great way to make your feline overlord feel loved. Even if your furball doesn’t talk back, she’ll know you’re paying attention to her!

Is your cat due for a veterinary appointment? We can help! Call us, your Oconomowoc, WI veterinary clinic, anytime!