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Adorable Things Your Dog Will Do in 2017

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! If you have a dog, your canine companion will no doubt put some smiles on your face this year with his adorable antics and mannerisms. Man’s Best Friend is full of cute and charming habits. Read on as an Oconomowoc, WI vet lists some super cute things your pup will do in 2017.

The Head Tilt

Does your four-legged buddy sometimes cock his head to the side when you speak to him, as if asking for clarification? This adorable habit is one of Fido’s cutest traits!

The Happy Dance

Fido may jump for joy to see you when you walk in the door after a long day. It’s always great to come home to someone who’s delighted to see you, even if you were only gone for an hour.

Paw Of Support

Our canine pals can be amazingly intuitive, and have a special way of knowing when something is troubling us. Fido may put his paw on your leg as a show of support when you’re having a bad day, or stick closer than usual if he senses that you’re feeling blue.

The Head Butt

Another thing that melts hearts is Fido’s habit of nudging his humans with his head when he wants attention or needs to go for a walk. This cute request can be hard to refuse!

Tail Wags

In our book, tail wags are among the best things in the world. You may get Fido’s furry tail going when you pick up a doggy toy, get his leash, or hold up a yummy treat. Some pooches start thumping their tails if their owners just look at them!

Playtime Request

When Fido wants to play, he may do a cute little bow, or run up to you holding his favorite toy. Indulge these charming and adorable requests for playtime. It will be fun for both of you!

Unwavering Loyalty

Dogs have an amazing capacity for unconditional love and loyalty. You truly are the apple of your furry friend’s eye, and the center of his world. Fido shows his love in many adorable ways, but also just by sticking by you, or sleeping at your feet.

All of us here at your Oconomowoc, WI animal hospital want to wish you a wonderful new year. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to provide excellent veterinary care!