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Camping With Dogs

July 15, 2018

If you have a dog, you’ve probably noticed that our canine friends love to explore new places and conquer patches of grass. Fido can definitely be a great camping buddy! However, it’s important to take some precautions to keep your beloved pet safe in the Great Outdoors. A local Oconomowoc, WI vet discusses camping with dogs in this article.


Before taking Fido camping, make sure he is fixed, microchipped, and wearing ID tags. Your pooch should also be vaccinated and current on his exams and parasite control. Training is also very important. All dogs should know basic obedience commands, like Sit, Stay , and Come .

Packing For The Pup

You’ll want to pack a bag for Fido. Your pup will need food, treats, dishes, a leash and collar, waste baggies, toys, medicine (if applicable), and a pet first-aid kit. If you’re going boating or swimming, include a doggy lifejacket as well. You may also want to bring along towels, bedding, a tie-out line, and a doggy raincoat. Your four-legged pal may be able to carry some of his things in a little doggy backpack, depending on his size, age, and health.


As noted above, Fido definitely has a taste for adventure. We recommend keeping dogs leashed or tied in the wild, however. You don’t want your canine buddy exploring unsafe areas, or approaching wild animals!


Don’t let Fido drink from rivers and streams: the water may not be safe. If you use ‘wild’ water, boil it or treat it to make it safe for your pup before you give it to him.


Campsites can be very dangerous for Man’s Best Friend. Fires are a big concern. Fido could get hurt even after the fire is out, by stepping on or sniffing at hot coals. Trash is another issue: it could contain things like bones, skewers, toothpicks, can lids, and tin foil, which are all very dangerous to dogs. Depending on where you camp, the terrain itself could also present specific hazards, from wild animals to deep water to toxic plants. Research the local area before your trip, and become familiar with potential hazards. We also recommend doing daily nose-to-tail doggy checks.


Always pick up after Fido! Check local ordinances to see if you can bury your dog’s waster.

Please contact us, your Oconomowoc, WI animal hospital, anytime. We are always happy to help.