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5 Ways To Give Your Pet A Great Holiday Season

December 1, 2019

The holiday season is upon us. This time of year can be both dangerous and stressful for our animal friends. Here, an Oconomowoc, WI vet offers tips on keeping pets happy, healthy, and safe over the holidays.

Decorate Carefully

Many holiday plants are toxic to pets. Poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, ivy, and yew are all unsafe for our animal companions. Tinsel, ribbons, pine needles can cause serious—and potentially life-threatening—injuries if ingested. Pets can also hurt themselves on ornament hooks, ribbons, electric lights, and fragile ornaments. Keep your pet in mind when you decorate!

Offer Presents

Don’t forget to pick up something for your animal companion! Toys and treats are at the top of the list for most pets. Kitties will also appreciate comfy beds, window seats, and pet furniture. As for Fido, grooming supplies, dental-formula treats and chews, or other doggy gear will get that tail wagging. Smaller pets may enjoy chew toys, climbing branches, cage decorations, or even a bigger habitat.

Reduce Stress

Pets are very emotional, and tend to thrive on routine. Strangers, noise, changes to schedules or environments, being boarded, traveling, loud noises, and guests can all cause anxiety in our furred and feathered pals. If you are hosting a party, make sure your pet has a comfy spot to retreat to. For a dog or cat, this may be a crate or a kitty condo. For smaller animals, you may want to move their cages into quieter rooms during the festivities. Toys, treats, cuddles, and playtime are also great stress relief.

Enjoy A Treat

Food is a big part of many seasonal celebrations. Offer your pet a special treat! Just stick to things you know are safe. Although animals all have their own unique dietary needs, there are some things that are bad for most of them. This list includes garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; chocolate; caffeine; alcohol; mushrooms; raw dough or yeast; pitted fruits; avocados; junk food; and anything containing xylitol. Grapes, currants, and raisins are also unsafe for dogs and cats, as is meat on the bone.

Have Some Quiet Time

The holidays can get very hectic and busy, with many events happening in a short time. Take time to just unwind and relax with your pet on a chilly winter night.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Oconomowoc, WI vet clinic, anytime.

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