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Tips For Grooming A Senior Cat

March 1, 2020

Is your kitty aged 10 or older? If so, your furball is officially retired! Cats age gracefully, so you probably won’t notice huge changes taking place right away. However, your pet will need some extra TLC as she ages. One thing that you may need to offer Fluffy a helping hand is with grooming. An Oconomowoc, WI vet offers some tips on grooming an older cat in this article.

Know The Benefits

Cats usually clean themselves, so why do older felines need help? Well, for one thing, kitties in their senior years tend to get stiff and sore, and sometimes have a hard time reaching their entire bodies. (This goes double for obese cats.) Brushing will also help reduce hairballs, as you’ll be removing that dead fur before your cat swallows it. It’s also good for your furry pal’s circulation.

Purrfect Timing

Choose a time when your furry buddy is feeling relaxed and a bit cuddly. Given that older cats spend the vast majority of their time asleep, this should be easy. Work in lots of praise and cuddles to get that little motor going.

Make It Routine

Our feline pals tend to thrive when they are on a set schedule. Try to make kitty grooming time a regular thing. If possible, schedule Fluffy’s beauty sessions for the same time every night. If you play with your cat regularly, brush her after playtime. She’ll probably be a bit tired, and will be ready for cuddles.

Health Check

When you’re brushing Fluffy, take the opportunity to look for signs of illness or injury, such as swelling, bruises, or cuts, skin problems, and/or discharge from the eyes, nose, or ears. Also, pay attention to your cat’s behavior. If she keeps flinching when you touch a certain spot, there may be something going on there. If you notice anything unusual, contact your vet immediately.

Let Fluffy Say When

One of the first rules of being owned by a cat is that it is always up to Fluffy to decide when cuddle time starts and stops. This also applies to grooming. When your kitty decides she’s had enough, don’t force her to submit. That’s a good way to get scratched! Just let her go, and resume the next day.

Is your cat due for an exam, vaccinations, or parasite control? Contact us, your Oconomowoc, WI vet clinic, today!