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Tips on Taking Fluffy to the Vet

August 15, 2020

August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! We know, Fluffy would rather celebrate Take Your Dog To The Vet Day, but we checked. Many cats are quite the little homebodies, and get really upset at being put into a carrier and taken out of their domains! Read on as an Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian offers some tips on how to make doctor’s visits a bit easier on your feline pal.

The Carrier

Making the carrier comfortable on your feline buddy will help quite a bit. Add comfy bedding and toys, and give your furball toys and treats near it. It’s worth mentioning that Fluffy may get suspicious as soon as she sees her carrier, and may immediately bolt for that spot under the bed where she knows you can’t reach her. Leaving the carrier out between appointments will help with this. 

The Drive

Remember your feline friend’s comfort when you are driving to the office. Try to avoid speed bumps, potholes, sharp turns, and sudden stops or starts. You’ll also want to keep a window cracked, and use climate control to keep the care comfortable. Playing the radio softly may also help. If Fluffy gets extremely nervous, ask your vet for tips on using cat-calming products, like sprays. These can really help soothe nervous kitties. 

Talk To The Furball

We know, this one may sound a bit silly. No one is quite sure how much language cats understand. However, they definitely know when we are talking to them, and they respond to the tones and emotions in our voices. Fluffy may not be particularly impressed to hear about how important it is for her to get her annual checkup and vaccines. However, she may feel more at ease if she knows you’re trying to communicate something. It can’t hurt!

Keep Up With Wellness Care

 Don’t wait until your cat is sick to bring her in. Staying current on her basic wellness care can help prevent many health issues. If your kitty does develop a medical problem, regular exams increase the chance of it being caught early. This is extremely beneficial, and can make a huge difference in some cases. As the saying says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! 

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Oconomowoc, WI pet clinic, today!