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Tips for Surviving Mud Season With Fido

February 15, 2021

Winter is winding down. While we may still have a few storms to get through, there’s an end in sight. Of course, spring does have its downsides. For those of us with canine pals, muddy paws are definitely one of them. A local Oconomowoc, WI vet offers some tips on getting through the soggy part of the year below.


Keep towels near the door, so you can easily grab them and wipe your furry friend’s feet down before bringing him in. Microfiber cloths and old rags or tee shirts will also work. You can just toss them into the wash after a few uses. Of course, a bag of towels may not do much for your décor. Things like deck boxes or wicker storage bins can make for an attractive, yet convenient way to store Fido’s things. 


Did you know that you can teach your pup to wipe his paws off? The key here is to be consistent with the training. Don’t forget to offer your canine buddy a yummy snack as a reward for cleaning his paws!


Over the last few decades, a plethora of new pet products have come onto the market. There actually are a few devices made just for cleaning dogs’ paws. Browse around online, and check out some reviews.


Take Fido in and out through the same door every time. This will also help with the paw-wiping training mentioned above. Your four-legged buddy will be able to associate the process with a specific area.


If possible, arrange a staging area for both people and pets. Mudrooms, of course, are the perfect option for this. If you don’t have a mudroom, put large, durable bath mats both inside and outside your main doors. You can swap them out for other mats after the spring melt.


Consider getting a carpet shampooer and steam mop. Doing your carpets daily is a bit much, but it’s a good idea to do them at the beginning and end of spring. A steam mop can also quickly clean up pawprints.


At the end of the day, pawprints are just part of having a dog. They can be annoying, but Fido does make up for this with his love, loyalty, and friendship!

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