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Resolutions For Lazy Cats

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! Are you making a lot of resolutions this year? Perhaps you’d like to get in shape, knock a few things off your bucket list, or try a new hobby. Your kitty may also have a few things on her agenda for the coming year. Of course, many of our feline pals are basically fuzzy, opinionated couch potatoes. If yours is one of them, it’s probably safe to say that Fluffy isn’t aiming very high with her 2022 goals. Here, an Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian lists some resolutions for lazy cats.


Playing is of course fun for Fluffy. It’s also super cute to watch. Our feline buddies take their hunting practice very seriously, and with good reason. In the wild, her mastery of those skills would determine whether or not she got supper. Your pet will aim to pounce at least a few times this year.

Do More Kitchen Laps

Our furry pals often come running when they know (or suspect) that mealtime is coming up. Fluffy may make an effort to do a few extra laps around the kitchen this year.

Sprint (At Least Once)

Even the laziest furball has the occasional moment of zoom. At least once this year, Fluffy will run out of the room at top kitty speed for no apparent reason. 

Work On High Jumps

Cats are remarkable jumpers: they can leap 5-6 times their height, on average. Of course, Fluffy may have outgrown the urge to scale your bureau or bookshelf. Your furry pal may put those skills to use hopping into your lap instead!

Achieve True Zen

Happy cats often tend to look both relaxed and satisfied. Fluffy may want to purrfect that calm, meditative expression that content kitties get. She’ll work very hard at this, and may incorporate things like naps, sunbathing, and staring at plants into her training.

Get More Sun

Kitties love finding warm places to snuggle up in. Fluffy may very well want to spend a bit more time in her favorite sunbeam this year!

Find More Boxes

Our feline friends have some pretty adorable quirks. One of the cutest? Fluffy’s affinity for boxes. Help your cute pet achieve this goal by giving her some leftover gift boxes.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Oconomowoc, WI animal clinic, we’re here to help!