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Ways To Make Your Pet Feel Loved

February 15, 2022

There’s a pretty important pet holiday around the corner. Love Your Pet Day is February 20th! Your furry pal’s mental and emotional health are both very important, and can really affect their physical well-being. A good part of keeping your dog or cat happy is just making sure that they feel loved and safe. Here, an Oconomowoc, WI vet offers some ways to make Fido and Fluffy feel loved.


Playing is really fun for pets. It’s also super cute to watch our furry buddies acting frisky. When you take time to hold a laser pointer for Fluffy or throw a ball or Frisbee for Fido, they’ll know that you’re doing something just for their benefit.

Comfy Beds

Comfy beds are one of those little touches that really can make a big difference. Given that dogs spend about half of their time sleeping, and cats can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing, this actually is pretty important. Your fuzzy bff will definitely appreciate having a good bed—or two, or three—to curl up in for all of those naps.


The jury is still out on exactly how many words our furry friends understand. However, the tone of your voice is just as important as what you are actually saying, if not more so. This is a great way to pamper your animal companion, and strengthen that special bond between you.


No surprises here. Who doesn’t love being offered something yummy? Just stick with things that you know are safe for your four-legged friend. Ask your vet for recommendations.


This one mostly applies to Fido. Take him to parks and trails on occasion, so he can sniff at unfamiliar grass and just enjoy the change of scenery. As for Fluffy, we recommend keeping her in. However, some cats do like being walked on leashes. If your kitty is one of them, then go ahead and take her for a stroll. Otherwise, just bring her things like paper bags and newspaper tunnels to explore.


Of course, the best way to make your four-legged buddy feel loved is to simply spend time with them. Pets offer us unconditional love, but that bond needs to be nourished. Carve out some quality time for Fido and Fluffy every night!

As your Oconomowoc, WI animal clinic, we are here to help. Call us anytime!