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Teaching Fido To Leave It

March 15, 2022

Is your canine buddy trained yet? If Fido has basic commands mastered, then you’re already in a good spot. However, you may want to consider teaching your pooch the command to Leave it. A local Oconomowoc, WI vet offers more information on this below.

Why Leave It Is Important

As you’ve probably noticed, Fido has a pretty healthy appetite. He’s also both curious and an opportunistic eater. These can be a very dangerous combination! As you’re walking your dog, you may come across all sorts of things on the ground that aren’t safe for your canine buddy. This could be anything from a chicken bone, half-eaten sandwich, plastic wrappers, bottles, used masks, to a dead bird or frog. Plus, many foods are dangerous to dogs. Some of these things, such as grapes and raisins, can be fatal in very small doses. You may not even see what your pet grabbed before you find yourself trying to get it out of his mouth.

Teaching Fido

Leave It isn’t the first command you want to start with: you want to make sure that your furry friend knows the basics first. That includes things like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Once he has these, you may want to start by adding a clue to ‘Take it.’ One way to do this is to put a treat inside your fist. Let him try to get it, but don’t give it to him. When he gives up, praise him, then give him the treat and say Take it. This teaches Fido that he won’t get what he wants until he learns to wait politely. 

Leave It

Once Fido has learned Take it, you can start working on Leave It. Put a treat on the floor, and put your hand over it. The same steps apply: don’t let your pooch have his snack until he’s stopped trying. You’ll want to have a second treat on hand, one that’s yummier than the one on the floor. When your dog starts to give up on the covered treat, move your hand away. Say Leave It, and then give him the new treat. That’s the nutshell version, but it covers the gist. Keep working with your canine pal. Be positive, and don’t give up!

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