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Doggy Date Night

There’s a pretty fun holiday coming up that will definitely get some tails wagging. Doggy Date Night is February 3rd! If Fido were able to vote, it’s probably safe to say that he would want every night to be a…

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Keeping Kitty Warm In Winter

Winter is officially here! Although our feline friends do have fur coats on, they are still vulnerable to the effects of frigid weather. A local Oconomowoc, WI vet offers some tips on keeping your kitty warm in winter. Beds You’ve…

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Resolutions For Lazy Cats

Happy New Year! Are you making a lot of resolutions this year? Perhaps you’d like to get in shape, knock a few things off your bucket list, or try a new hobby. Your kitty may also have a few things…

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Walking Your Dog In WInter

Does your canine buddy like winter? Or does he give you that reproachful look when he realizes it’s cold out, as if waiting for you to change the weather? No matter what Fido’s weather preferences are, he does need to…

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Hi-Tech Kitty Toys

Season’s Greetings! It seems like every year shopping gets more and more hectic. With so many things to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the perfect gifts for your loved ones. At least our feline pals are…

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Holidays With Kids And Pets

The holidays are coming up fast! We always love seeing cute photos of kids and pets. However, you will want to take a few precautions to make sure things go smoothly between your little ones and your furry pals. An…

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Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

 It’s Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! Many of our patients were adopted from shelters. While we are happy to see any dogs or cats going to great homes, we’re especially thrilled to see shelter pets getting second chances. The pets people…

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Fluffy’s Cattitude

It’s National Grouch Day! While this occasion was started in honor of Sesame Street’s beloved Oscar the Grouch, quite a few of our feline friends definitely deserve some recognition here as well. Fluffy can be quite the little curmudgeon! Here,…

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Caring For A Deaf Cat

National Deaf Pet Awareness Week starts on Sunday, September 19th. This is definitely a topic that could use more attention. Roughly one percent of our feline friends are deaf. Fluffy can still lead a full and happy life if she…

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