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Enhance Your Dog’s Recovery with Targeted Physical Therapies

March 15, 2015

Your Australian shepherd Mate must have wings on his feet. Your lightning-fast pooch races around the dog park, and through nearby fields, like a black-and-white blur. However, your exuberant canine sprinter is currently stuck on the sidelines as he mends from leg surgery. You’ve heard that canine physical therapies can speed dogs’ recoveries. You’ve gained some familiarity with massage therapy and water therapy. Your Watertown veterinary clinic will explain how targeted physical therapies can help your canine athlete to get back on his feet.

Diverse Physical Therapies

Your vet will manage your dog’s physical therapy program. While massage therapy and water therapy are increasingly available, other lesser-known modalities can also be effective. Ask about veterinary acupuncture, ultrasound, heat and cold therapy, electrical therapy, and targeted stretching.

Two canine patients might experience different benefits from the same technique. Generally speaking, dogs often see increased mobility and strength; and they might feel less pain. Your pooch might drop some weight, a welcome prospect since he has packed on several pounds from inactivity. His physical therapy program can gradually help him to return to his favorite activities.

Therapeutic Massage

You’re acquainted with the benefits of a professional therapeutic massage. These welcome treatments assist in relieving stress; and they might even help injured tissues to heal. You think Mate will enjoy similar results, although you can’t confirm that right now. He’s currently parked on the massage table with a satisfied-looking grin on his face.

Since your seven-year-old canine housemate is a middle-aged dog, he’s prone to age-related joint problems. Therapeutic massages can make a difference here. Canine therapy centers, specialty veterinary facilities, and some general veterinary practices provide this treatment. Selected locations also offer targeted deep tissue massage.

Warm-Water Therapies

You knew your water-loving dog would gravitate to his warm-water therapy treatments. While he splashes in the pool, the water’s buoyancy cushions his body as he improves his range of motion. The liquid’s resistance heightens his blood circulation and helps to build his underworked muscles.

Mate loves the underwater treadmill, as he can happily plod along without placing stress on his muscles, joints, and bones. Although your dog thinks he’s just playing in the water, he’s building his stamina and strength while his therapist praises him.

If your canine companion could benefit from targeted physical therapies, contact your Watertown veterinary clinic for expert assistance.