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Why Your Picky-Eating Cat Ignores His Food

April 1, 2015

Your tabby cat Rascal can chow down with the best of them. This husky gray striped feline often inhales his kibbles within minutes. You’ve even seen him swat your much-larger dog away from his meal, stealing the poor creature’s food before he recovers from the shock. Recently, however, your feline housemate just consumes a few bites before turning away. You’re worried that Rascal’s not getting enough nutrition. Tomorrow, your Oconomowoc pet clinic will give your persnickety cat a physical exam and expert nutritional counseling.

Stressful Dining Environment

Although Rascal doesn’t require a fine-dining restaurant, he wants to enjoy his meals in peace. Unfortunately, you’ve placed his feeding station in a corner of your bustling kitchen, where your family often gathers during the day. Your frustrated feline can’t focus on his food. Since he’s on a twice-daily feeding schedule, maybe family members could revise their dining habits so your stressed-out cat can eat without distractions.

Unpalatable Food

Perhaps your feline housemate has a problem with the menu, specifically the kibbles entree. If he has consumed the same dry food for awhile, it’s time to find a new supplier. If your home’s air is humid, his cat crunchies might have absorbed considerable moisture, giving them a cardboard-like texture and taste.

Maybe he finds wet food more appealing. However, if you store the cans in the fridge, your quality-minded cat can’t stomach those frigid, odorless blobs you scoop into his bowl. To make the contents enticing, heat them so they exude that delightful aroma. Make sure you don’t burn your cat’s sensitive mouth.

Other Negative Factors

While Rascal’s an unpretentious cat, he does have cleanliness standards. He refuses to consume his meals from an unwashed bowl that might contain hordes of bacteria. Or, maybe he suffers from a hidden dental condition, and he finds eating very painful. After your vet pinpoints and treats your feline housemate’s dental ailment, he should enjoy his food again.

Try Your Own Solution

Consider your own unconventional solution. Purchase the best cat food available, sticking to Rascal’s preference for a dry or wet blend. Once he becomes really hungry, he’ll likely return to his bowl.

If Rascal doesn’t eat for an entire day, ask your Oconomowoc pet clinic to investigate a hidden medical condition or food allergy. To address your picky-eating cat’s antics, contact us for expert advice .