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Keep Your Cat Entertained While You’re Gone

May 1, 2015

Your orange tabby Gracie enjoys the best of both worlds. For several days, you’ve given personal attention to your newly adopted feline housemate. First, you took a week’s vacation to get her acclimated to your household routine. You lavished numerous playtime, brushing, and belly rub sessions on your pampered cat. Now that you’re returning to work, you’d like Gracie to have several do-it-yourself entertainment options. During her new patient exam at your Oconomowoc pet clinic, the vet provided you with several excellent ideas. You’ve also done some brainstorming of your own.

Soothing Background Songs

Give little Gracie some mellow background music. Classical songs seem to be particularly effective at calming nervous animals. Pleasant-sounding melodies, often featuring strings and pianos, are ideal. Avoid selections featuring loud instruments, such as booming drums and/or stirring trumpets. If you don’t gravitate to classical music, consider a low-key yoga or meditation playlist.

Feline Amusement Center

Encourage your feline companion to stay active by buying (or building) her a multilevel feline entertainment center. Outfitted with several carpeted observation platforms, this cat-friendly gym also includes a cozy sleeping nook. By installing a scratching post, plus several dangling cat toys, you’ll provide her with plenty of chances for a claw workout.

Even better, your cat’s amusement center fits into a small corner. If she enjoys stalking the birds from a favorite window, position her cat tower in an optimum viewing spot.

Tempting Treat Puzzles

Engage Gracie’s clever mind with one or more challenging treat puzzles. Buy a supply of vet-prescribed snacks, and cram each puzzle toy with these tempting morsels. She must release a catch, or maneuver the toy a specific way, to release her prize. Besides occupying her mind, this exercise will increase her muscle strength and coordination.

Compatible Feline Companion

Sociable Gracie would probably enjoy a friendly feline playmate. If you can accommodate another cat, the two buddies can entertain themselves for hours. Before heading to the animal shelter, though, ask the vet if your cat will likely accept another feline in “her” territory. If he gives the green light, take your cat along to approve her new housemate.

When Gracie next visits your Oconomowoc pet clinic, the vet will greet a well-adjusted cat who enjoys running the show. If your cat needs help with his “home alone” time, contact us for expert advice.