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Pamper Your Special Senior Pooch

May 15, 2015

Your senior terrier mix Lucy still has plenty of spunk and sassiness. This ten-year-old canine housemate greatly enjoys her two daily neighborhood walks, and she keeps close watch on your two teenaged dogs. You’d like your dignified senior companion to remain healthy, so she receives regular checkups at your Oconomowoc veterinary clinic. The vet also provided Lucy with a targeted senior health plan.

Tailored Diet

Feisty little Lucy has always been an active girl, and her vet-recommended adult diet furnished fuel for her energetic lifestyle. Her nutritious blend provided top-quality proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. She still requires these nutrients, although in different amounts. Since she doesn’t move quite as fast, she should decrease her daily calorie intake.

Before recommending a senior diet, the vet reviewed your dog’s nutritional needs and exercise routine. If she had packed on some pounds, the vet might select a food that promoted safe weight loss. If she managed a chronic medical condition, the vet might choose a blend that enhanced her treatment plan.

Dental Care

Since your senior girl was a puppy, the vet has given her regular professional dental care. She still needs that level of attention. During each physical checkup, the vet closely examines your canine housemate’s teeth and gums. He addresses emerging problems immediately.

Your lucky dog also receives timely dental cleanings; and you’ve learned how to safely scrub her choppers at home. Through regular maintenance, you’ll help her to keep her mouth healthy.

Canine Vaccinations

Lucy still needs regular vaccinations that protect her against infectious and dangerous canine diseases. The vet will consider her age, health situation, and lifestyle before administering the correct vaccines.

Gentle Movement

Your canine busybody wouldn’t miss her regular walks for anything. Besides helping her to avoid obesity, these twice-daily jaunts keep her updated on canine gossip. Ask the vet for additional exercise recommendations, such as gentle fetch games or warm-water swims. If Lucy winces when she stands or walks normally, or climbs the steps, contact your vet. He can prescribe helpful medications and/or therapies.

Your Oconomowoc veterinary clinic will fine-tune Lucy’s health program, and will address developing medical issues. Tell the vet if your dog’s food and water intake, or her urination and/or defecation habits, have changed. To provide your senior companion with a tailored health program, contact us for an appointment.