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Strange Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

October 15, 2015

Do you have a kitty? Our feline friends may have a bit of a reputation for being aloof, but as any cat owner knows, these little furballs can be very clear about showing their love. Fluffy might purr when you pet her or pick her up, follow you around, curl up on your lap, or meow affectionately. Feline declarations of love aren’t always quite so clear or polite, however. Below, an Oconomowoc, WI vet discusses some of the stranger ways cats show affection.

The Slow Blink

Does Fluffy ever look at you and then slowly blink her eyes? If so, you should take this as a compliment, albeit a rather vague one. Slow blinking is a sign of feline affection.


Settling in for a good book or movie with your cat on your lap is a great way to unwind after a busy day. At least, until Fluffy starts kneading you with her claws. This may be one of the more painful ways your feline pal shows her love, but rest assured, it is a sign of affection. Technically, since kittens do this while nursing, it’s a sign that your furball sees you as her human parent. And, perhaps, a manicure station.

Jumping On You In The Middle Of The Night

Rest assured, if Fluffy pounces on your feet while you’re trying to sleep, or bats at your eyelashes, she isn’t trying to be rude. She just wants to play! Most cats outgrow this phase. Eventually.

Interrupting Your Reading

Have you ever tried to study or read with a cat nearby? Fluffy may curl herself around your computer mouse, sprawl out on your book or paper, or even walk across your computer keyboard. Clearly, our feline overlords think that giving ear rubs is a far better way to spend our time!

Leg Weave

Rubbing against your legs, or weaving through your ankles, is another sign of kitty affection. Or, to be honest, it’s also a feline declaration of ownership.

Some more of Fluffy’s odd but endearing ways of showing her love include tapping you with her paw, following you into the bathroom, and, occasionally, playfully attacking you. If there’s one thing we can say about these adorable, quirky furballs, it’s that they do keep things interesting!

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