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Choosing the Right Doghouse

November 1, 2015

Are you thinking about getting Fido his very own doghouse? Dogs are much safer and happier living indoors, but your canine pal will really enjoy having a home of his own to relax and nap in when he’s in the yard. There are a few things to consider before buying or building your pet’s outdoor shelter, however. An Oconomowoc, WI vet discusses doghouses in this article.


In most cases, bigger is better, but this isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to doghouses. A doghouse that is too big will lose heat, so it won’t stay as warm in winter. Look for something that gives Fido room to sit up, stretch out, and turn around, but doesn’t have too much extra space.


There are many different options for doghouse materials. Wood is an excellent choice: it withstands weather, and has great insulating properties. Choose wood that hasn’t been pressure treated, or processed with toxic chemicals. Plastic may be cheaper, but it won’t offer as much insulation as wood. Metal gets hot in summer and cold in winter, so it really isn’t a great choice.


Doghouses with centered doors may look appealing, but doors that are set off to one side actually offer better weather protection. It’s okay if Fido has to duck his head a bit to enter his doghouse, as long as the interior is a good size for him. When setting the doghouse up, position it so that the door faces away from prevailing winds.


Look for a doghouse that is raised up off the ground. This will keep Fido’s little house drier, and offer protection from weather and parasites.


Doghouses now come with many extras. Some of these are well worth the additional money. A hinged roof will make cleaning much easier for you. Windows will allow airflow and good ventilation in summer. Many dogs really enjoy having a high vantage point, so Fido may enjoy a doghouse with a raised back deck or porch.


Once you’ve chosen the house, have some fun decorating it. Add a cute sign, or flowerboxes, or use non-toxic paint to make it match or complement your house. You can even give Fido a little doggy pool for his own backyard. The options are endless!

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