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Soothing an Anxious Dog

May 15, 2019

Is your dog easily frightened? Just like people, our canine companions all have their own personalities. Some are fearless and friendly, while others are timid and shy. If your pet falls into the latter category, read on! An Oconomowoc, WI vet offer tips on soothing a nervous pooch in this article.


Toys are important for dogs in many ways. They keep Fido active and entertained, and give him a healthy outlet for any angst or anxiety he may feel. They also give your furry buddy something to amuse himself with when you are out or occupied. Offer your pup lots of fun toys, and take time to play with him daily.


Make sure that Fido is getting the right type and amount of exercise. Your furry pal’s ideal workout regimen will depend on his breed and size, but most dogs need at least a daily walk. Playing can also be very helpful here. A fun game of Fetch or Tag will give your canine pal a great workout! Afterwards, he’ll be tired out, which will naturally calm him down.

Crate Training

A crate can be a wonderful tool, as long as it is used properly. The point is to make sure Fido sees his crate as a cozy little den, which he can always retreat to if he feels uneasy. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Pet-Calming Products

There are many products specifically made to help soothe dogs, including treats, collars, and sprays. Many of these products contain synthetic pheromones, which have a calming effect on nervous pooches. Doggy shirts can also be helpful in some situations.


As the saying says, music soothes the savage beast. It also soothes the not-so-savage ones! Playing some soft, relaxing tunes for Fido may keep him calmer. You can also try leaving a TV on for him.

Positive Reinforcement

How you react to your canine buddy when he’s scared can have a huge effect on his behavior. If you coddle your pup, you may inadvertently reward him for acting up. However, you don’t want to punish him, either. That could make matters worse! Generally, you want to reward Fido when he’s behaving properly, and ignore unwanted behavior. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please call us, your Oconomowoc, WI vet clinic, anytime. We’re dedicated to keeping your beloved animal companion happy and healthy for years to come.