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Hug Your Cat Day

June 1, 2019

There’s a very special kitty holiday around the corner. June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! We know that many of our feline patients get hugged every day, as they should. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show Fluffy some extra TLC on this special occasion. Read on as an Oconomowoc, WI vet discusses hugging cats.

Benefits of Hugging

Hugging cats, it turns out, is good for both you and your kitty. Fluffy’s soothing purr can ease tension, lower your blood pressure, and just generally relax you. Many cats also enjoy being hugged by their humans. Fluffy is happiest when she feels loved!

How To Hug Your Cat

Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to hug your cat. If you pick Fluffy up, be sure that her rump and legs are supporting her weight. Never hold your kitty around her tummy. This can actually cause internal injuries! Some kitties have their own ways of hugging their humans. Your pet may wrap herself over your shoulders, or hang from your neck. Just make sure your feline buddy is secure and comfortable.

When To Hug Your Cat

It’s always best to let Fluffy decide when to be hugged. Of course, how often your cat likes to be hugged will depend on her purrsonality. Some furballs want to be snuggled all day, every day. Others will only put up with being held or petted for a few moments. Follow your cat’s lead.

When Not To Hug Your Cat

Never try to hug a cat that is grumpy or trying to avoid you. This is a serious ‘faux paw’ in Fluffy’s book. Cats are very small, and don’t like it when they feel like we are dominating them. Our feline overlords are much more comfortable bossing us around!

Hugging Tips

While you are hugging your furball, talk to her and pet her gently to relax her and get that motor going. Be prepared to act like cat furniture for a while: some cats would happily hang out in their humans’ arms all day! When hug time is over, gently put your feline friend down. Make sure all four paws are touching down before you let go. Kitties hate being dropped!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Oconomowoc, WI vet clinic, with any questions about your cat’s health or care. We are here to help!