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Give Your Senior Cat the Excellent Care She Deserves

March 1, 2015

Your newly adopted senior cat Peaches will enjoy a pampered life in her golden years. You were thrilled to give this nine-year-old orange tabby the top-quality care she deserves. She’s still in good health, although she’s at risk for age-related medical problems. Tomorrow, your Oconomowoc vet will give your feline housemate a complete physical exam. He’ll prescribe a tailored senior diet and provide you with guidelines for Peaches’ care.

Senior Cat Diet

Peaches has gained several pounds since she became a feline senior citizen. In contrast, your friend’s cat dropped some weight as he got grayer around the whiskers. Your vet wants your feline housemate to return to a normal scale number, as that lowers her risk for medical problems.

First, he’ll determine your cat’s nutritional needs and learn about her exercise habits. He’ll prescribe a plan that should get positive results. Track your cat’s weight daily with a scale that records even small changes. If you see an unexplained decrease, ask your vet to investigate a potential medical problem.

Regular Grooming Sessions

Peaches will do anything for her daily grooming sessions. Each morning, she plops into your lap for a half-hour of blissful brushing and belly rubs. While you stroke her lush-looking fur, you gather loose hair that might otherwise collect into hairballs. Brushing heightens her circulation and stimulates her skin. Together, both benefits lead to better coat health. If she has donated her scratching post to charity, clip her little claws.

Secret Physical Checkup

Your ecstatically happy cat doesn’t notice that you’re giving her a secret physical exam. You run your hands over her skin and coat, feeling for something unusual. If you find anything strange, alert your vet.

Minimum-Stress Lifestyle

Peaches doesn’t want any more drama in her life. She insists on a low-stress lifestyle, with very few changes in her regular routine. If you can’t avoid a disruption, she’d like some extra attention to compensate for that. Before you take a vacation or business trip, ask a familiar family member, friend, or neighbor to spoil your cat in their home. Don’t bring in any more pets while your feline matriarch rules your house.

Your Oconomowoc vet will give Peaches regular exams, preferably twice each year. He’ll also diagnose and treat developing medical conditions. To provide your senior cat with top-notch care, contact us for an appointment.